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Cello and music stand


Q. Why should I pick the cello as an instrument for my child?

1. The cello is a versatile instrument 

The cello is capable of producing a wide range of pitches, from very low to high. This means that it can play the main melody (be the star) and also be an accompanying instrument (provide support). The cello can be found in groups of all sizes (eg. orchestras), and this important social interaction helps maintain children's interest in music. At the moment, the cello is a unique instrument to learn in Singapore. This means more performance opportunities for your child. 

2. The cello has a really beautiful sound

The cello is known as the instrument that is closest to the human voice. It produces a sound that is rich and warm and is used to play many of the most beautiful melodies in individual and orchestral pieces. ). In recent times, cellos have become very popular for their beautiful singing sound and have taken the forefront in pop and electronic music (eg. The Piano Guys, Two Cellos). The initial sound made by a beginner is also less screechy and more soothing to the ears. 

Q. The cello is so big! How can my child play it?

There are smaller size cellos ranging from 1/10th , 1/8th , ¼, ½, ¾  to full size.

At 5 years old, children tend to start with 1/10th  – 1/8th  size, and each size will last them 1-2 years. Children generally reach full size when they are about 13 years old.

At The Cello Suite, we will advice you on the range of instruments that work best for your child and your budget. We also offer cello rental services and are happy to discuss with you your needs. For cellos beyond a certain price range, many retail shops also provide the option of trading up, meaning that a percentage (around 30%) of the amount paid for the smaller size can be used to offset the cost of a bigger sized cello, when needed. 

Size guide:

4-5years old - 1/10 size

5-6 years old - 1/8 size

7 years old - ¼ size

8-9 years old – ½ size

11-12 years old - ¾ size

13 years old – full size

Q: How do I know my child is progressing and how do I keep him/her motivated if he/she does not take graded exams every year?

The Cello Suite believes that providing opportunities to play with other students and performing in front of an audience work alongside exams to motivate students. Performances can be tailored to each student’s learning speeds and goals and may provide a better learning trajectory for some. We organize performances (1-2 times a year) that allow students to showcase their hard work. These are also great for building a community of learning - students benefit from watching each other and parents are able to enjoy the product of all their effort as well! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

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