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The Cello Suite Virtual Concert

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The Cello Suite had its very first student recital on 15 August 2021. Due to the uncertainties caused by Covid , we organised an online concert this round!

We pre-recorded individual students in our space (which we converted into a make-shift recording studio, complete with DSLR camera and an audio recording device), and came together as a community to watch the clips over zoom during the concert. Students and parents really enjoyed watching themselves and their friends. For many of our students, this was their very first performance. The preparation and experience really motivated them and gave them such a sense of achievement!

This concert was special as it highlighted the resilience and adaptability of our students (and honestly, everyone going through this pandemic together!). They endured almost 8 weeks of online lessons and a Heightened Alert just before the recording, so it was even more meaningful to see how they stepped up and delivered despite the disruptions to their learning.

Congratulations to all our students and parents for their hard work and here's to many more performances in future!

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